Well, finally back in my island of divine.. Bali..
Thousands of inputs, little fragments like in a Mandala are finding their destination, the right place.. Right one year ago, not so far compared the other 45 years before, incredible far if you count seconds passed from the day in Dreamland. 
A long year dreaming this moment, preparing to meet my destiny again, down there in the famous Pantai, white sand, big waves, turquoise water.
Friends make me mad, seems I’m a not responsible one, crazy and egocentric. Could be but not in this part of my life.
I feel to do the right thing, the decision was not token from me but from an old codex, the code of freedom of my soul. Should I escape, should I run away a lifelong from the evidence?
No.. I feel free and strong enough to afford this new challenge and so, 28th of August 2007, at noon, exactly one year after, with a bunch of friends, climbing with the wheelchair down to the beach..
Steve, Lara, Rose, Federico, Robby (Fernando, Guido, Alberto and the others with their heart present..) and my personal shadow Stephan, under a fantastic sun bring me step by step down to the place in front of Robby’s Warung, exact there from where I jumped into     the water a year ago.
For everybody a strong emotion, except for me.. It’s really strange how and in what kind of mood I live this experience.. Inside me, totally peaceful, no fear, no anger.
Sitting on a beach bed, drinking juice and looking over troubled water young guys riding same waves I’ve seen for so many years.. Nothing strange, nothing wrong.
After a while looking over the sea, Rosita.. Her smile, I missed so many times, remembering me the special rapport I have with this place.. So many times after nonsense night actions, riding my bike from Legian to here, still dark, sitting on the top of the cliffs or down on the golden sand, awaiting the sunrise and a Mie Kuah, prepared from Rosita, sharing this so important  moments with her gentle smile and her incredible calmness, giving this moments a touch of ceremony, blowing away all that strange and dark I had on my mind and soul.
Clouds over my head, sun and wind.. thoughts flying like birds from my mind to my wishes, including all the suffer I gave to many persons, first my family, my friends, so many people remembering me, a strong connection on empathic way, wireless sensations between same minded individuals.. all this like a giant puzzle in my mind and first slow but then fast and faster taking the right position, showing the complete picture: myself..
Back from far away, we moved back to the Balangan and from there in a strange sort of positive sensation driving  towards the sunset..
Party after that day had something special, sharing it with special friends was a good vibration: Happy Birthday Dreamland, Happy Birthday Christian.. A Big Day…

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