An amazing career
The Biography

Born in a small and cozy town in the middle of the Alps, Christian grows up in a much protected family with an international education. Two languages, German and Italian from birth, the third, English, early and a desperate need to devour, upon his monkey like curiosity, books and anything written formed his personal knowledge very early.


Biography as
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Traditional middle class family, so even his scholar education, in a Teutonic catholic view, passed through elementary till the maturity in a very classic way.

His father’s early death, a very successful Businessman and the subsequent collapse of status and financial security, signed his future life very deep, living every single day in a kind of kamikaze way, trying always to escape from every off his responsibility against himself.

Then, a very lucky encounter with his step father, Dr. Vito Tomasino, at that time already famous Osteopath, who formed him for the rest of his life.

Following the American thought in osteopathy, his American education, until his Nova degree in Osteopathy brought him from the beginning to a very success orientated approach to work. His credo was: never give up, there is always a way.

A few year of very hard scholarship with his father, a time out period in the island of Pantelleria, where he was approached from celebrities like Giorgio Armani, Fabrizio Ferri and Sting, signed a new period in his life: Milano.

Here he submits a totally new dimension of his life, a kind of Guru of rich and famous, simply known as “Christian” no title, no questions.

Working together with orthopedic and neurosurgeons like Prof. Schönhuber, Dr. Castagna, Dr. Kaiser and many others; he builds his reputation as serious professionals and enlarged his knowledge in material.

In his private life the priority was travelling, mostly as backpacker around the globe. Asia, America, Europe,but his real love was Africa. The real one, with wildlife, campfires and loneliness.From Morocco to South Africa with all possible stops, special in East Africa.

From the eyes of the children there he learned so many things for his life, especially the smile even in situations normally you never would find the strength to survive.

And exactly these happen on 28 of august 2006. After a fun night, at noon in the amazing location of Dreamland Bali, he jumped in the sea, like thousands of times before, and the unthinkable happened: in a depth of less than a meter water he knocked with his head on a sandbank and broke his neck.

From this moment on he started a brand new life: as quadriplegic!

As this site is thought even as a kind of diary, I stop here because about this new life, I will tell you step by step...